Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Male Jean Shorts

Location: Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI.
Photographer(s): Katie and friends
Offense: jean shorts, circa 1991.
Comments: It's not that all jean shorts are bad. Some are trendy cut-off bermuda shorts worn by girls. Others are little booty shorts worn by girls. But these aren't those. And they're not on a girl.

More examples of jean shorts gone terribly terribly wrong, courtesy of JD.


tommy said...

on the right: are his pockets longer than the shorts? that is really gross.

tommy said...
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Alex said...

Maybe he's a never-nude.

DarcyM said...

is he for real? I think he is wearing jean shorts in an ironic manner, like his facial hair.

Kim said...

I think I know the guy on the left! Steve?