Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Male Jean Shorts

Location: Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI.
Photographer(s): Katie and friends
Offense: jean shorts, circa 1991.
Comments: It's not that all jean shorts are bad. Some are trendy cut-off bermuda shorts worn by girls. Others are little booty shorts worn by girls. But these aren't those. And they're not on a girl.

More examples of jean shorts gone terribly terribly wrong, courtesy of JD.

Monday, June 16, 2008

White and Brown make Beige

This delightful specimen was spotted recently in Cherry Hill, NJ at the IRA Regatta. It's uncertain whether or not this man makes a habit of wearing crisp white crew socks with his loafers on a regular basis or if this was done in some misbegotten attempt to fit in while in The Dirty Jers' and/or at a crew regatta. Unfortunately, based on his general confidence level and nonchalant stride, I suspect this is a common footwear choice for him. Also, I think he's probably from Long Island. I just got that feeling. Regardless, don't wear white socks with your brown (or black) shoes. Wherever you are. Alex, I'm looking at you.