Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two chairs instead of one.

A little junk in the trunk is good. Mos def makes reference to the pros of the fat booty, "an ass so fat you could see it from the front", but I think this one is going a little overboard. She was apparently eating wings, potato skins and various other ass -expanding foods at the time.


Kim said...

She was eating a big plate of potato skins with cheese and bacon, an order of wings, and a pint of Guinnes. Right foot on the chair to the right, left foot on the chair to the left, too large to put her feet on her own chair.

Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

Ok. That is just vicious and nasty.

It's one thing to comment on her fashion choices, or the fact that the cut of the pants may not be the most flattering etc.

But you are attacking the PERSON here. And that's deplorable. Shame on you!

wb said...

Oh look! We got our first AOL commenter. Awesome. Anyway, I think the attacks were on the ass, not the person.

Patrick said...

There's something really sad about the photo but it's not the obese woman in it or her very large rear. The person behind the camera is the true subject of this photo. I see the ugly bloated yet shallow spirit of a person who's not pictured here being transferred subconsciously onto film. Insightful in ways the photographer never imagined. ;)