Monday, June 16, 2008

White and Brown make Beige

This delightful specimen was spotted recently in Cherry Hill, NJ at the IRA Regatta. It's uncertain whether or not this man makes a habit of wearing crisp white crew socks with his loafers on a regular basis or if this was done in some misbegotten attempt to fit in while in The Dirty Jers' and/or at a crew regatta. Unfortunately, based on his general confidence level and nonchalant stride, I suspect this is a common footwear choice for him. Also, I think he's probably from Long Island. I just got that feeling. Regardless, don't wear white socks with your brown (or black) shoes. Wherever you are. Alex, I'm looking at you.

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kimwim said...

I know one shouldn't post a link to one's own blog on someone else's, is that wrong?
I see this (you really shouldn't have worn that!) all the time, today had to post this
on my blog. Sorry for the cross-blog-pollination.