Monday, April 20, 2009

I Still Like Green.

Location: The Silver Dollar, Madison, WI
Photographer: wb(?), Katie(?)
Offense(s): poor jacket choices, lime green
Comments: I think this is a lime green linen sports coat. It also may be ventless, which isn't a statement this guy should be making either. I love this picture because it's actually a 2-for(!). Look at that droopy suede trench to his left! I wonder if they are friends because of their terrible jackets, or their jackets are terrible because they are friends.

Location: N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, WI
Photographer: "Katie." - wb
Offense(s): roller-tights, blades, keylime green
Comments: This rollerbladed by BikeTub Saturday afternoon while we were out cruising the streets of The Kee. I guess if you're going to give up your self-respect by lacing up a pair of inline skates anyway, you might as well go all in and put on a pair of bright green tights too. Even so, I don't think she needed that helmet of 80's permed hair. Rollerblades didn't even exist back then.

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I'm digging the more structured data format for entries.