Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fashion Easters

The East Side of Milwaukee has a lot of things going for it in general. It's eccentric and eclectic! I don't live there, but I know people who do. And sometimes I get recognized at The Dogg Haus, which is pretty fulfilling. Also, they managed to nab that killer url, so that's pretty hip & cool.

Of course there's a downside to eccentric. I'm sure these people are very nice, they just should wear that:
Tie-dye? Really? Why is there still no foreseeable end to the use of large swaths of tie-dyed cotton-poly blends as clothing? Just stop.

This outfit isn't ever ok, even if you are Madam Mim's rebellious step-daughter. And even though crossing Knapp Street looking like this may be sort of meta, it just highlights your need of a good nnacking. I'm sure Nnobi could work some magic.

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