Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flower Power Suit

It was another typical morning commute, from the burbs to downtown DC, when all of a sudden, she waltzed onto the metro. I thought that a lamp shade or some wallpaper had jumped out of an old 70’s movie. This was too good to be true. I took out my phone camera, and snapped two quick pics. I would have done a whole shoot, but was starting to get some ugly looks from fellow metro-riders who realized I was taking pictures (I couldn’t figure out how to turn off my phone’s “click” sound). I'm not sure either that my cell phone really does the color scheme justice.

As if this ensemble of a flower-print skirt suit weren’t bad enough, the pink crocs the woman is wearing throw this fashion faux pas into the stratosphere. I really hope her job has nothing to do with aesthetics, because she won’t last long.


wb said...

First off: holy shit that was a fast post. You became a contributor literally 20 minutes before this was online.

Secondly: holy shit that thing is ugly. And the crocs to finish it all off. Amazing.

Alex said...

I had composed the post in my head after I took the pics. It was too good to pass up.

Especially on the DC metro, people are usually pretty well-attired.